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      Rolls Royce
         Perfect Sunset
         The Black Knight
         Fist at Fate
         A fountain pen from China
         A tale of two traitors
         A treehouse for the soul
         Age of small time heroes
         Butterly valve and a 20c coin
         Creatures of habit
         Genuine homes of infinite value
         Letter in a bottle
         Love for a lifetime
         Reality should never be the enemy
         The mystery of a woman
         True love
         What if Churchill had been shot
         When Dresden burned
         Where a seal comes to die
         Herman is not with us
         A bowl for the broken man
         Night of the Cicadas
         Conversation with temptation
         50 Word Story
         Headlights never shine to where the darkness ends
         Lift your landmines lightly
         Fishing where silent death lurks
         When the rains came to Africa
         Bugs are more dangerous than big game
         The perils of fishing in the Dark Continent
         Hunters and nerves
         Weird disasters in the hunting field
         Lost monuments and forgotten trails
         Wie en wat is die Afrikaner van vandag?
         50 Word story - A meal of mushrooms
         A world without men
         The man who would not salute Hitler
         Die groot klip
         Die vlakte-siel
         The Braamfontein explosion
         How to blow up a jackal
         Writing to a prisoner
         Holocaust remembrance day
         Thanks for nothing
         Talita khumi
         The miracle of Blood River
         The dream beside the fantasy
         The man with the mop
         Communism cannot thrive in a prosperous society
         The woman who made my piano sing
         The silent Holocaust
         The man who did not have time
         Flag of a hero
         I was wrong about Clinton
         Killed by the British
         Lest we forget
         Return of the robber barons
         The modern safari car
         The night before the storm
         The phantom swallows
         The power of a dream
         The social high water line of Eden
         The song of the mountains
         The sum of all a father's fears
         The tree that never surrendered
         The greatest shark attack in history
         Trapping the innocent
         Do you have some thęgheez
         One million lemmings can't be wrong
      Carl Labuschagne
         My dads music
         A Mauser in Africa
         My dad's religion
   Who's Herman?
   Anglo Boer-War
      The surrender
      The Outbreak of War
      Blacks in War
      The Boer Forts
      Children in the War
      The Great Retreat
      Boer quisine
      Concentration camps
      General pictures
      Scorched earth
      Famous Figures
      Boer artillery
      British artillery
      Unidentified weapons
      Small arms
         Harts Hill
         Railway Hill
         Spioenkop 100
         Pieters Hill
      Train wrecking
      War art
      Cost of war
      Big guns
      Train wreckers
      Spioenkop story
      What was it like
      Spioenkop 100
      Who where the Boers
      Wie is die Afrikaner
      Paul Kruger
      The flag incident
      Death of a rebel
      The day the iron monster died
   Thank You
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