Spioenkop 100

Photographs taken during the 100th commemoration of the Battle of Spioenkop.

Cars in the parking lot. In the distance the Drakensberg mountains stand proud and majestically.

The present-day Carolina commando gather at the Burgher memorial for a service and the singing of a few hymns in honour of their ancestors who fought and died at the Battle of Spioenkop 100 years ago to the day.

The main British memorial stands in solemn silence in the middle of the battlefield.

The Bugher memorial.

Burgher memorial with the Carolina commando and family.

A cross that marks the spot where the commanding officer, General Woodgate, was mortally wounded early during the battle. General Woodgate suffered a head wound which left part of his brain exposed and left him in extreme pain so that he could be of no use in directing the battle.

A lone flag-bearer bears the Transvaal Four Colours on the rim of Spioenkop.

The valley south of Spioenkop as it looks today. Silent and peaceful.


More Four Colour flag bearers.