The concrete blocks mark the original positions of Colonel Long's artillery guns during the Battle of Colenso. The embankment on the left hand is part of the town of Colenso's sewerage treatment plant. At the time of the battle the gun positions commanded a clear view of the Boer positions towards the north. Today the view is entirely obscured.

Long's gun positions.

Monument to the memory of those who had fallen. This original monument was removed from Colenso and rebuilt near Chieveley.

Monument to the memory of Lieutenant Freddy Roberts, son of the later commander-in-chief, Lord Frederick Roberts. Freddy Roberts was killed trying to extract Long's guns from their position at Colenso. He was awarded a post-humous Victoria Cross for this deed of bravery.

General Clery and his staff, taking the Boer positions under fire with Naval Guns at the Battle of Colenso. General Clery is the figure holding the binoculars, marked with a small white cross.