North-eastern view of Ladysmith from the top of Platrand.

Town hall of Ladysmith. The clock tower was hit twice by Boer artillery while the town hall was being used as a Red Cross hospital. From their artillery position several kilometres away, the Boers could not see the red cross flag flying on the roof. The British soldiers did not know this, however and the shootings created outrage.

Eastern view across modern Ladysmith town, seen from the top of hospital hill, slighly above the house where General White had his headquarters. In the distance the Boers had an emplacement for their Long Tom, with which they bombarded the town during the siege.

Galley stone. Bored soldiers will do anything to while away the time. This piece of century-old graffiti was carved out by British cooks on Platrand, not far from the present monument. It is, however, an attraction that few people know about.

Dam in the Klipriver. The Boers made a large-scale attempt to flood Ladysmith in order to raise the siege by building a dam in the river. The plan was ambitious and imaginative, but due to logistical, engineering and time constraints, the project could not be completed.

British fortifications at Waggon Hill, just outside Ladysmith.